E-biking & Cycling

Traveling on two wheels allows you the freedom to explore nearly everywhere. Imagine smoothly cycling along coastal paths bathed in sunlight, following the intricate outlines of towering mountains, or taking a relaxed journey through quaint hamlets, where every turn of the pedal reveals the lesser-known charm of rural Greece. Welcome to the world of guided cycling holidays, where exploration, exhilaration, and a profound bond with nature blend seamlessly.
You can opt for road cycling or leisure touring, or traverse off-road paths with a mountain bike. If riding uphill seems a bit too challenging or you prefer a more relaxed pace, electric biking is an excellent option. These zero-emission bikes help level out the difficulty of a cycling trip.
We offer holidays catering to all your preferred cycling styles. Crafted carefully by our cycling experts, our itineraries cater to a variety of skill levels. Be it the captivating coastal routes, vineyard-filled valleys, or the enchanting relics of the past, the cycling opportunities in Greece extend as far as the horizon.
Our guided cycling vacations stand out for the exceptional guidance and flawless organization ensured by experienced cycling experts. As you set out on your expedition, you’ll be accompanied by well-informed local guides who have a deep familiarity with the landscape and its hidden treasures.
Explore Greece with a bike, crafting unique memories and weaving your own story against the backdrop of the country’s ever-changing beauty. The adventure awaits!

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