Active Family Holidays

There’s something uniquely magical about family holidays – they leave extraordinary moments into our memory, that are treasured for a lifetime.
Designed for families that cherish quality moments together, our active family vacation packages are tailored to accommodate all your family’s preferences. We offer both private and small group tours, guided or self-guided, to Greece’s most spectacular destinations. Enjoy the camaraderie of like-minded families on a group trip or savor a customized vacation plan designed solely for your family’s unique needs.

Why you will love it

– Witness your children’s faces light up with excitement and awe as they explore the natural world.
–  Receive peace of mind when you plan a customized trip specifically for your family.
–  Listen to them recount stories when they get back home from their holiday.
–  See your children disconnected from their devices.
–  Greek hospitality ensures that parents and children feel comfortable throughout their stay.

Why your Kids will Love it

Kids will enjoy exploring the natural wonders of Greece.Fun activities such as kayaking and rafting;
They can take swims in the warm waters of the Mediterranean Sea.
The independence they experience will be within safe boundaries tailored to their age.
Making friends in a summer in Greece will be a fun, memorable experience.

With our expert travel consultants at your service, you can be confident that every detail of your dream family vacation will be handled with utmost care. Look below to begin the journey with our specially curated family holiday packages.

Create your own Family Holidays

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