Embark on an unforgettable traveling experience steeped in exhilarating activities and breathtaking landscapes. Choose your style, create your journey."


Why Choose Us?

Real Greece

From big wows to hidden gems, our tours leave you feeling that you've really explored the most authentic sides of Greece.

Small Groups Only

Traveling small will be treated personally, explore further and help connect with others with a shared love for nature culture and adventure.

Responsible at heart

How we operate sets us apart, our commitment to protect the environment and our sustainable approach will be part of your travel experience.

You’re in good hands

Born and raised in Greece, we’ve worked in travel business for long time as guides, photographers, and trip planners. We know how to give you the best travel experience.

Local Trip Leaders

Our guides are proud of their local roots. Chosen for their great knowledge and a passion they will make the best to make your trip extraordinary.

Fair Rates

Supporting a small local business, means your money stays within the local community, creating more opportunities for sustainable tourism practices.

Remarkable Private Journeys with Near and Dear Ones


Take your chosen group of co-travelers and set off on a journey that you’ll remember forever. Our guided private trips typically consist of 4-14 individuals, creating a vibrant group of like-minded travelers yet, each guest is treated individually, ensuring personal attention and care.

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Hiking Biliovo
Crafted to Satisfy Your Every Wish and Desire


At Explore Greece, we are experts in bespoke adventures. Our primal focus is our guests and ensuring they have the optimal experience tailored to their preferences. Our Trip Planners will help you in arranging your ultimate journey!

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Travel Blog Stories

Inspiration, usefull information and everything in between, for travelling in Greece!