At Explore Greece, we specialize in offering unparalleled outdoor adventures in Greece and beyond. Our bespoke or pre-planned trips are tailored for travelers seeking authentic, eco-friendly experiences that deliver exceptional quality and value.

Our origins are deeply rooted in the Peloponnese, one of Greece’s most picturesque regions. This diverse area is a paradise for a range of activities such as kayaking, hiking, biking, canyoning, and swimming. As one of the few local adventure tour operators based in the Peloponnese, our insider knowledge and expertise set us apart. We aim to offer our guests a true feel of Greece, complete with local culture, panoramic views, amazing landscapes, and a taste of the region’s gourmet cuisine. We seamlessly blend the charm of Greece with the finest local accommodations. Our partnerships with various hotels, and mountain inns ensure our guests a unique and personal experience. Our enthusiastic, certified guides are not just locals but also individuals who love sharing insights that only a native can provide.

At Explore Greece, we are passionate about sharing our affection for our country and its stunning natural locations. We also understand the importance of preserving these gems for future generations. As a result, we actively incorporate sustainable practices in our daily operations, choose local collaborators, and build partnerships with international companies that align with our core values of environmental protection and minimal impact. We love and know Greece because we live and work here. But we also love to travel and discover new places! Join us on a pre-planned adventure, or let us help you craft your own. Explore Greece has something for everyone!

Explore Greece

What We Offer!

Safety First

Our team is fully trained in emergency procedures, and we strictly adhere to all local laws and regulations. From the equipment used in our active travel experiences to the selection of accommodations, every detail is evaluated with safety in mind, so you can fully immerse yourself in your Greek adventure.

Personal Care

We’ve been in your shoes, and that’s why we pride ourselves on providing personalized support to all of our guests. You can rest assured your trip is in the hands of a real human who is ready to help, no annoying chatbots here!

Beyond the Obvious

Our specially crafted packages give you the opportunity to explore areas of Greece that are still undiscovered by large crowds of tourists, without compromising on the authentic charm and character of Greece. So why not choose a holiday to journey to discover the real Greece?

Authentic experiences

We love to showcase where we live and the way we live. We are committed to ensuring you don’t miss authentic travel experiences during your trip. During our trips there are plenty of those spontaneous moments that enable you to connect with the local culture and people.

Sustainable Approach

We are passionate about preserving the beauty of Greece for generations to come. Therefore, we incorporate sustainable practices, encouraging responsible tourism. Our initiatives include, reducing our environmntal footprint, and educating our guests about preserving the natural and cultural heritage.

Active travel

While the list of reasons is endless, most importantly, active travel improves your mental and physical health, helps in the building of strong relationships, increases empathy, inspires creativity, and so much more!

What We Aim

Established in 2022, Explore Greece was built on the solid foundation of its sister company, Explore Messinia, a company recognized as a leading expert in outdoor activities and adventure travel tour operators in the region of the  Peloponnese. At Explore Greece, we leverage our parent company’s wealth of experience, industry relationships, and deep local knowledge to craft and deliver unique trips in Greece, beyond the obvious. Our paramount goal remains the same. To showcase Greece’s breathtaking landscapes and pristine outdoors to travelers yearning for a responsible and authentic, less-traveled holiday experience, all while encouraging a sustainable and responsible travel ethos. Yet, the creation of Explore Greece was driven by our desire to provide a highly personalized and friendly service experience. We aim to transform the traditional business-customer relationship into something more intimate and memorable. We value building genuine connections with our clients, striving to make the travel experience feel less like a transaction and more like a journey shared between friends. Our moto is ‘’Come as a client, leave as a friend’’. When you choose to journey with us, our team will go the extra mile to ensure that your holiday is everything you dreamed it would be. This endeavor starts the moment you first browse our website, and it doesn’t end until you’re safely back home, carrying a myriad of unforgettable memories from your Greek adventure.

Explore Greece

Our Core Team

Our team here at Explore Greece, from our office staff to our trip leaders and guides, is made up of local Greek experts. We are passionate about our country and all of its wild places, and excited to show you Greece’s most beautiful, remote and off-the-beaten-path landscapes, coasts, mountains and villages.

Aikaterini Kontargyri

Founder - CEO

Trifonas Douvris

Travel Consultant

George Kontargyris

Water Operations

Fotis Kontargyris

Land Operations