Open Water Swimming

Embarking on a swimming holiday in Greece provides a distinct perspective of the country, seen from the water. Our swimming holidays are designed to push you into challenges you might not undertake alone, with the comforting assurance that you’ll be thoroughly accompanied. Swim guides, available on a boat or Kayak, or swimming alongside you, will provide advice on your technique while prioritizing your safety. We’re committed to delivering a secure, escorted swimming journey that allows you to unwind and revel in the breathtaking environment.

Each of our swimming adventures is meticulously planned to harmonize relaxation and thrill. We invest substantial effort into designing our trips, collaborating with top-tier accommodations and local personnel to provide a personalized experience that you’ll treasure. We believe it’s crucial to balance swimming endeavors with leisure time, enabling you to truly immerse yourself in the Greek culture.

Whether you’re a seasoned open-water swimmer or seeking a unique challenge to your vacation, we’ve got an ideal swimming adventure lined up for you. We’ve handpicked our swimming locations in Greece to ensure optimal safety and great conditions. All that’s required of you is an enthusiasm for open water – leave the rest to us!

Create your own unforgettable Swimming Adventures

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