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Experience the timeless beauty of the mythical Menalon Mountain in central Peloponnese on a guided 7 day exhilarating hiking journey.



Meeting Point

Athens Airport or Kalamata Airport


Mar - Jun / Sept - Nov

Private Trips Hiking & Trekking


Hotels, Guesthouses

Physical Rating

Minimum Age


Group Size

From 4 to 14 Participants

Trip Overview

This is a 7-day exhilarating journey through the Menalon mountain in the heart of the Peloponnese. An adventure curated for keen hikers and nature lovers alike. The trail extends through lush fir forests, crosses deep gorges, and follows ancient stone paths. But this trip isn’t just about the breathtaking scenery. It’s an opportunity to experience the timeless beauty of Greece’s stone-built villages and immerse yourself in their rich cultural traditions. These villages are not only architectural marvels but also vibrant hubs of mythology, customs, and cultural expressions of the mountainous populations of Greece. The Menalon Trail is a certified gem, recognized by the European Ramblers Association for its outstanding quality. And when it comes to hospitality, Menalon knows no bounds, hospitality here is a way of life. From delectable food and tantalizing wine to an immersive experience of local life, every moment in Menalon is a celebration of Greece’s rich heritage. It’s time to embark on a journey you’ll never forget.

Why you will Love it

Travel like a local – You’ll be able to go to the places that locals go, try the food that locals eat, and participate in the activities that locals enjoy.

Spectacular Landscapes – Lush fir forests, deep gorges, and ancient stone paths, act as a visual treat for nature lovers.

Leading Quality Trails – Recognized by the European Ramblers Association for its outstanding quality.

Mix of Adventure and Local life – A perfect blend of thrilling hiking experience and cultural immersion, making it an unforgettable trip.

Local superb Guides – Our guides are locals and have years of guiding experience and love to share knowledge, games, and laughter.

Great Hospitality – You’ll be treated to delectable rustic food, fine wine, and an immersive experience of local life.

Trip Information

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Map & Details


Location  Destination  Peloponnese

Pin   Meeting Point  Athens Airport or Kalamata Airport

Sun  Season  Mar – Jun / Sept – Nov

tent  Accommodation Hotels & Guesthouses

Gauge  Physical Rating   3/5

Boy  Minimum Age  15

   Group Size  From 4 to 14 Participants


Day 1 – Arrive to Athens or Kalamata

airplane  ATH Athens Airport or KLX or Kalamata Airport

Jump on a flight to either Athens Airport or Kalamata Airport where your adventure begins! Your guide eagerly awaits you for a straight ride to our kick-off point, the charming village of Dimitsana. Arrive in the afternoon, get comfortable in your cozy guesthouse, and feel the welcoming aura of Dimitsana. Join your guide for a delightful local meal at a nearby taverna and get all the exciting details for our upcoming journey. Can’t wait to see you there!

Day 2 – Hike from Stemnitsa to Dimitsana

trekking12.5km , Up 830 , Down 950m

Awake and energize with a traditional Greek breakfast overlooking the Menalon mountains. From the first day, you can enjoy one of the most spectacular places in the region. We set off from Stemnitsa, the goldsmiths’ village, winding our way to Dimitsana, the village of the watermills. These are two critical settlements in the Peloponnese, offering a snapshot of Arcadia’s most scenic spots. Both are spectacular exhibits of traditional stone architecture. Our journey saunters through a diverse landscape, taking in the Byzantine Monasteries of Prodromos and the Philosophos, dating back to 963, and the majestic Lousios River gorge. We cap off our adventure at the Open-Air Water Power Museum, a testament to the role of water power in historical societies. Wrap up the day with a delicious dinner and a peaceful overnight stay in Dimitsana.

Day 3 – Hike from Dimitsana to Elati

trekking19 Km , Up 900 m , Down 690 m

Rise and shine for a sumptuous breakfast, then check out and set off from Dimitsana! Our gentle climb rewards us with breathtaking views of the Lousios river basin as we edge towards the fir forest’s border. We follow a charming cobblestone path lined with age-old threshing floors – a testament to the region’s rich heritage – straight into the heart of Zigovisti village. Along the way, we take short breaks at fountains to refill our water bottles, stretch our legs, and refuel with a quick snack. The trail takes us through the fresh scent of the fir forest on a subtle incline, eventually reaching the intersection of the area’s old paths. The climax of today’s adventure awaits at the pinnacle, at a lofty 1643 m – the zenith of our day’s trek. From here, we descend to a plateau adorned with tiny caves and freshwater springs, before reaching Elati, the woodcutters’ village. We cap off the day by visiting the local woodcraft shop in Elati, where the resident woodcarver eagerly shares captivating stories of mountain living in this vibrant region.

Day 4 – From Elati to Vytina & Nymfasia

trekking18.5 Km , Up 635 m , Down 960 m

Get ready for a thrilling day ahead! We’ll kickstart the day with a hearty breakfast before zooming off to our trailhead near the enchanting Elati, known for its deep-rooted heritage in woodcrafts. As we tread the valley of the Milaon River, from Elati to Vytina, brace yourselves for an exhilarating journey. We’ll descend into the lush valley, following the river’s course and delighting in nature’s beauty. Our trail has an interesting mix – part cobblestone, part forest path, leading us to the springs that quench the thirst of western Menalon villages. These springs have a history, their water has flowed non-stop since immemorial. Our trek advances on the historic mulberry road connecting the two villages, giving us a taste of diverse ecosystems, from riverine landscapes to towering plane trees, and intriguing ruins of three ancient watermills. We’ll then ascend to Nymphassia, a small yet bustling village. Our day winds down with a drive towards Vytina, where a delicious dinner and a peaceful night’s rest await us.

Day 5 – From Nymfasia to Valtesiniko

trekking18.5 Km , Up 635 m , Down 960 m

After a hearty breakfast, we’re off on a short drive to the charming village of Nymfasia. From there, we dive into the enchanting realm of an oak forest, making our way to the awe-inspiring women’s monastery of Kernitsa. Nestled within an incredible monolith, this monastic complex, complete with an abbey and contemplative houses, is a sight to behold. Our hike continues along an old alleyway, leading us to Magouliana, the highest inhabited village in Peloponnese, standing proud at 1,275 meters. Climbing a stone-laden path, we’ll reach Valtessiniko, the village renowned for its skilled woodcarvers. Meandering through groves of walnuts, chestnuts, poplars, firs, and apple trees, we’re embraced by nature as we arrive in Valtessiniko. Here, we’ll settle in, savor a delicious dinner, and rest up for the night.

Day 6 – From Valtesiniko to Lagadia

trekking13.9 Km , Up 600 m , Down 780 m

With renewed energy and enthusiasm, we pick up our trail right where we left off yesterday, setting off from the village square. Our adventure today includes a visit to the Byzantine Castle, a place that offers a stunning panorama of wildflowers in bloom, lush meadows dotted with walnut and poplar trees, and the serene expanse of a fir forest. Our path takes us towards Lagadia, home to legendary stone builders and an old quarry where sand for their craft was once gathered. The day ends in the beautiful town of Lagadia, constructed in an amphitheater-like formation, stunning stone houses precariously perched on a steep slope, surrounded by a breathtaking mountainous landscape and the soothing sounds of running waters. Congratulations, you have just completed the Menalon Trail. You deserve a wonderful dinner and a few glasses of wine. Rest your weary feet for the night in Lagadia.

Day 7: Departure

As we say our heartfelt goodbyes to the breathtaking Menalon Trail over one last breakfast, let’s not say goodbye; instead, let’s say “until we meet again!” We’ll take care of transporting you back to the airport, ensuring you have a suitcase filled with unforgettable impressions and a heart swelling with wanderlust! Remember, every end is just a new beginning!



guide  Guides  Expert, English-speaking local mountain guides

Pillow   Accommodation  6 nights, in traditional family-run Hotels & Guesthouses

Meals   Meals  6 breakfasts, 5 lunches, 5 dinners

   Transfers  Airport transfers, luggage transfers, and all local transfers as described

not included  Not Included

  • Flights to and from the meeting point
  • Soft drinks and alcoholic beverages
  • Travel Insurance
  • Personal expenses
  • Tips for your guides

Accomodation & Food

Day 1 

Lodging: Hotel – Twin Share

Meals included: Dinner

Day 2 -6

Lodging: Hotel – Twin Share

Meals: Breakfast, Picnic Lunch, Dinner

Day 7

Meals: Breakfast


What’s the Accommodation Like?

Six nights at hotels and mountain guesthouses allow you to enjoy most of the trip with the best of comforts. After a trek day, we will return to our comfortable accommodation where hot showers and comfortable beds are waiting.

But the accommodations are not just about comfort, they also offer a unique opportunity to connect with the local community. These small family hotels and guesthouses are owned and operated by locals, who have a deep understanding of their culture and traditions. They will warmly welcome you into their homes and give you an authentic taste of their way of life.

If you’re a solo traveler seeking some personal space, we offer the option to book a private room for an additional fee. Just check out our Optional Extras for the price and request your private room when making your booking (subject to availability).

What’s the Food Like?

On your hiking adventure, prepare to be blown away by the gastronomic delights that await! Imagine this: after a day packed with thrilling walks, you unwind for dinner at a charming taverna nestled in the forest, soaking up the captivating vistas of the Menalon mountain.

Your mornings will start with a phenomenal breakfast spread at your hotel. The rustic style breakfast of your hotels, with top-quality local products from hotel’s rich buffet full of hot and cold delicacies, sweets, fresh juices and all kinds of coffees.

Your guides are not just seasoned explorers but also culinary experts. They’ll whip up amazing lunches with fresh bread, local cheeses, hand-picked veggies, and scrumptious dips infused with fragrant herbs. For dessert, there’ll be fresh, seasonal fruits to cleanse your palate.

Who is the trip for?

This hiking adventure is perfect for those who relish the thrill of an extensive hike and prefer less-trodden paths. Over one week, you’ll traverse the 75km Menalon Trail, walking for approximately 4-6 hours each day through rolling hills and mountainous landscapes. This journey unfolds in secluded areas rarely visited by other hikers, featuring a variety of terrains such as rocky trails, dirt roads, and occasionally, cobblestone paths. The tracks are well-maintained and the route is amply marked.

How to Get There

Start your adventure in Greece’s Peloponnese region with a warm welcome on Day 1 at either Kalamata Airport or Athens Airport. Our friendly host will be there to pick you up and take you to your hotel in town. And on Day 7, we’ll make sure you’re back at the airport with plenty of time for your onward flight.

If you’re arriving on Day 1 and departing on Day 7, transfers to and from the airport are included. But don’t worry if your travel dates don’t fit this schedule – just contact us for details on arranging an airport transfer outside of these days.

Travel Options

We primarily recommend flying to Athens Airport (ATH), which offers the widest range of international flights and amenities. However, if you’re looking for convenience and proximity to where most of this trip is conducted, consider arriving at Kalamata Airport (KLX). Its closer location minimizes travel time, allowing you to immerse yourself in the beauty of the region and begin your adventure with ease.

Tailor this Trip

Embrace the thrill of personalized travel experiences with us! We appreciate that each adventurer is unique, that’s why we offer a suite of customizable features to curate your dream journey. Whether you need additional accommodation before or after your expedition, extra transport facilities, or wish to extend the joy of exploration a little longer, we’ve got you covered. Reach out to us, share your aspirations, and let’s make your travel dreams come alive!

Rates & Dates

Gather your favorite travel companions to share this Explore Greece Adventure on an easy-to-book Private Departure.

Private group departures for this trip are available every day on request from April to June and from September to October. Make Your own Dates in these months.


Guided Trip Rates

€ 1.490 per person (for group size 4 – 6 participants)

€ 1.450 per person (for group size 7 – 10 participants)

€ 1.390 per person (for group size 11 – 14 participants)


The cost of a trip is based on double room occupancy for the prespecified hotel category. (Please see the cost inclusions list). If you would like a single occupancy or a hotel upgrade, please get in touch with us for a quotation.

Tailor this Trip

Embrace the thrill of personalized travel experiences with us! We appreciate that each adventurer is unique, that’s why we offer a suite of customizable features to curate your dream journey. Whether you need additional accommodation before or after your expedition, extra transport facilities, or wish to extend the joy of exploration a little longer, we’ve got you covered. Reach out to us, share your aspirations, and let’s make your travel dreams come alive!

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