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A unique 7 day trekking adventure starting from the land of Spartans, ending at the embrace of the Mediterranean Sea.



Meeting Point

Athens Airport or Kalamata Airport


Apr - Jun / Sept - Nov

Adventure & Expedition Private Trips Hiking & Trekking


Hotels, Mountain Hut, Wild Camp

Physical Rating

Minimum Age


Group Size

From 4 to 14 Participants

Trip Overview

This is an 7-day trekking adventure in Mount Taygetos of Sparta one of Europe’s southernmost alpine ranges. This adventure is perfect for anyone who craves an exhilarating blend of conquering Southern Greece’s highest mountain, promising breathtaking views of the Mediterranean Sea and a taste of the idyllic Greek summer. Towering at 2407 meters, Mount Taygetos is the crown jewel of Peloponnese, nestled near the historic city of Sparta and a stone’s throw away from the sea. The Spartan trail reveals stunning forests, flourishing flora, dramatic gorges, and canyons, making every step a sensory experience. The highest peak of the mountain forms one of the world’s largest natural pyramids. Conquering the peak was an important achievement for the ancient Spartans, a tradition that continues to be a point of pride today. This secluded corner of the Peloponnese, the southernmost point of mainland Europe, unfolds a mesmerizing blend of the dramatic and the enchanting. Philoxenia (hospitality).

This adventure perfectly blends the comfort of hotel accommodations, mountain huts, and the thrill of wilderness camping. And what’s more? This adventure doesn’t compromise on comfort. To top it all off, hikers can unwind and rejuvenate with a calming seaside relaxation experience once the journey conclude

The locals, famous for their extraordinary hospitality, take immense pride in their delectable cuisine, world-class olive oil, truly believing they have the best of everything to offer. And trust us, it’s no exaggeration!

Why you will Love it

Authentic Cultural Immersion – The strong local culture in Sparta and surrounding areas provides a one-of-a-kind encounter with Greek traditions.

Spectacular Scenery – The panoramic views of the Mediterranean Sea from the peak of Mount Taygetos will take your breath away.

Historical Insight – Walking on the footprints of ancient Spartans offers a fascinating experience.

Lodging mix – The journey blends the thrill of wilderness camping with the comfort of hotel accommodations and mountain huts.

Less Traveled Trail – Exhilarating sense of discovery that comes from a truly off-the-beaten-path adventure

Recovery at the sea – After the trek, you can indulge in a calming seaside relaxation experience.

Trip Information

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Map & Details


Location  Destination  Peloponnese

Pin   Meeting Point  Athens or Kalamata Airport

Sun  Season  May – Jun / Sept – Oct

tent  Accomodation Hotels & Wild Camp

Gauge  Physical Rating   4/5

Boy  Minimum Age  15

   Group Size  Up to 14


Day 1 – Arrival, A night in Sparta

airplane  ATH Athens Airport or KLX Kalamata Airport

Jump on a flight to either Athens or Kalamata airport where your adventure begins! Your guide eagerly awaits you for a straight ride to our kick-off point, the charming village of Mystras near Sparta. On your way, you encounter a scenic drive through the Taygetos mountain range. The drive is an attraction itself Arrive in the afternoon, get comfortable in your cozy guesthouse, and feel the welcoming aura of Mystras. Join your guide for a delightful local meal at a nearby taverna and get all the exciting details for our upcoming journey. Can’t wait to see you there!

Day 2 – Mystras Visit, Trek to Anavryti

trekking13.9km , Up 1137m , Down 880m

Awake and energize with a traditional Greek breakfast overlooking the Menalon mountains. From the first day, you are given the opportunity to enjoy one of the most spectacular places in the region. We set off from Stemnitsa, the goldsmiths’ village, winding our way to Dimitsana, the village of the watermills. These are two critical settlements in the Peloponnese, offering a snapshot of Arcadia’s most scenic spots. Both are spectacular exhibits of traditional stone architecture. Our journey saunters through a diverse landscape, taking in the Byzantine Monasteries of Prodromos and the Philosophos, dating back to 963, and the majestic Lousios River gorge. We cap off our adventure at the Open-Air Water Power Museum, a testament to the role of water power in historical societies. Wrap up the day with a delicious dinner and a peaceful overnight stay in Dimitsana.

Day 3 – E4 trail Trek from Anavriti to Refuge

trekking13.9 Km , Up 1137 m , Down 880 m

Rise and shine at 920 meters amidst Anavryti, a lush and picturesque village nestled on the eastern inclines of Taygetos. Enjoy a super tasty breakfast and prepare for another amazing hike. Today, we’re set to tread a segment of the E4 trail, a part of the trans-European trail that makes its way across Greece. Let’s fill our bottles with the village’s pristine spring water as we prepare to traverse the mountain range via a path concealed within the pine and fir forest. Our journey concludes for the day at the mountain refuge stationed at 1550m — our humble abode for the night, tucked under the highest peak’s shadow. As we savor our evening meal, we eagerly anticipate tales of Greece’s hiking community and their global mountain conquests, narrated by the refuge keeper.

Day 4 – Pyramid Peak Trek at 2407 m

trekking9.5 km , Up 880 m , Down 895 m

We begin our day with a hearty breakfast before setting off for an exhilarating hike to the mountain’s highest summit. As we ascend, we’re greeted by the invigorating scent of shrubs and wildflowers, with the unique aroma of endemic herbal tea being the most captivating. We pause along the way to soak in the breathtaking vistas generously unveiled by the mountain. Soon, we’re traversing the fabled “immortal ridge”. A few more strides and we’re standing atop the summit plateau, having “conquered” the mighty peak standing at 2407 meters. We spend some time marveling at the panoramic views before commencing a steep descent, the landscape consistently shifting and delighting us with its diversity. We make our way to Agios Dimitrios, a picturesque shepherd’s area, where we set up camp for the night and begin preparing our dinner. If we’re fortunate, we might even receive an invitation from a local shepherd to sample their homemade yogurt or cheese.

Day 5 – Trek the Viros Gorge

trekking17.2 km , Up 82 m , Down 1010 m

Get ready for an exhilarating day as we gear up for one of the most challenging hikes of our adventure, a descent into the secluded territory of Mani. This region’s remoteness has kept conquerors at bay throughout history. The well-trodden path we follow was once used by ancient Spartans to reach the sea. The journey through the Gorge is awe-inspiring yet strenuous. Emerging from Ag Dimitrios, it opens up into the sea at Kardamili. The Gorge winds its way through towering limestone cliffs, where stalactites hang like wax drippings from the cavernous heights, serving as ideal nesting spots for birds. At certain points, the narrow passageways give way to expansive, verdant valleys flanked by steep wooded slopes. As we approach Exohori, we amble along cobblestone paths and through ancient olive groves, offering us a peek into the bygone rural life of Mani’s villages. Our day concludes at our hotel, where a hot shower awaits. We’ll dine on the hotel’s terrace, overlooking the Gorge, as we recount the day’s adventures.

shower awaits. We’ll dine on the hotel’s terrace, overlooking the Gorge, as we recount the day’s adventures.

Day 6 – Descend to Kardamyli

trekking5.7km , Up 19m , Down 480m

Breakfast is served at the hotel’s terrace, overlooking the imposing Taygetos. Today, we’re taking it easy with a gentle hike towards Kardamyli. Our path is lined with a lush blend of olive, pine, and cypress trees. We’ll be visiting some of the region’s traditional villages, strolling through their quaint streets and alleyways while uncovering their historical tales. From Byzantine churches to stone-built watchtowers, old fountains to mills, we’ll get a glimpse into the lives of the locals throughout history. Our journey culminates at the fortified tower houses of ancient Kardamyli. You’ll have the afternoon free to take a dip at Kardamyli’s beach. As dusk falls, we’ll gather for a hearty farewell dinner at a local taverna. We’ll rest our heads in Kardamyli for the night dreaming all with our minds full of the joyous reminiscing of the past few days spent hiking the Spartan Trail.

Day 7: Departure

As we share one final breakfast overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, let’s refrain from bidding goodbye. Rather, let’s promise to reunite in this enchanting place once again! Don’t worry about your journey back to the airport, we’ve got it covered. Just make sure your luggage is brimming with cherished memories and your spirit continues to yearn for more adventures! Remember, every journey’s end is but the threshold of a new adventure!



guide  Guides  Expert, English-speaking local mountain guides

Pillow   Accommodation  4 nights, in traditional family-run Guesthouses, 1 night in a Mountain hut, and 1 night of wild camping (All camping gear is provided)

Meals   Meals  6 breakfasts, 5 lunches, 5 dinners

   Transfers  Airport transfers, luggage transfers, and any local transfer as described

not included  Not Included

  • Flights to and from the meeting point
  • Soft drinks and alcoholic beverages
  • Travel Insurance
  • Personal expenses
  • Tips for your guides

Accomodation & Food

Day 1 

Lodging: Hotel – Twin Share

Meals included: Dinner

Day 2 

Lodging: Hotel – Twin Share

Meals: Breakfast, Picnic Lunch, Dinner

Day 3

Lodging: Mountain Hut – Unisex Dormitory

Meals: Breakfast, Picnic Lunch, Dinner

Day 4

Lodging: Wild Camp – Twin Share

Meals: Breakfast, Picnic Lunch, Dinner

Day 5-6

Lodging: Hotel – Twin Share

Meals: Breakfast, Picnic Lunch, Dinner

Day 7

Meals: Breakfast

What’s the Accommodation Like?

This adventure blends the comfort of hotel accommodations and the thrill of mountain huts and wilderness camping. This balanced blend, our most sought-after option, provides the best of both worlds; four nights in comfortable, welcoming hotels and one night at a charmful mountain hut and one-night wild camping under the shade of the mountain peaks. A support vehicle accompanies us throughout the trip, carrying all necessities, including food, luggage, and equipment, ensuring your comfort is never compromised. This allows you to fully immerse yourself in the experience without any added stress or discomfort.

If you’re a solo traveler seeking some personal space, we offer the option to book a private room for an additional fee. Just check out our Optional Extras for the price and request your private room when making your booking (subject to availability).

What’s the Food Like?

On your hiking adventure, prepare to be blown away by the gastronomic delights that await! Imagine this: after a day packed with thrilling walks, you unwind for dinner at a charming taverna nestled in the forest, soaking up the captivating vistas of the Taygetos mountain.

Your mornings will start with a phenomenal breakfast spread at your hotel. The rustic style breakfast of your hotels, with top-quality local products from hotel’s rich buffet full of hot and cold delicacies, sweets, fresh juices and all kinds of coffees.

Your guides are not just seasoned explorers but also culinary experts. They’ll whip up amazing lunches with fresh bread, local cheeses, hand-picked veggies, and scrumptious dips infused with fragrant herbs. For dessert, there’ll be fresh, seasonal fruits to cleanse your palate.

Who is the trip for?

This is a fantastic mountain adventure with a significant amount of ascent and descent when crossing the Taygetos mountain ridge from east to west. The trails are predominantly good, but there is a ridge section where some scrambling will be required. The walking duration ranges from 6 to 8 hours without exposure during the ascent/descent to the top at 2407m. For 2 nights, you will stay at a mountain hut without electricity and in a wild camp mostly inaccessible by vehicles. You’ll need to carry your equipment for 2 days; however, bedding and food is provided, and with clever packing, there is no need to carry a heavy backpack. This holiday is suitable for regular walkers who are looking for a wonderful mountain holiday in a less traveled trail of Europe.

How to Get There

Start your adventure in Greece’s Peloponnese region with a warm welcome on Day 1 at either Kalamata Airport or Athens Airport. Our friendly host will be there to pick you up and take you to your hotel in town. And on Day 7, we’ll make sure you’re back at the airport with plenty of time for your onward flight.

If you’re arriving on Day 1 and departing on Day 7, transfers to and from the airport are included. But don’t worry if your travel dates don’t fit this schedule – just contact us for details on arranging an airport transfer outside of these days.

Travel Options

We primarily recommend flying to Athens Airport (ATH), which offers the widest range of international flights and amenities. However, if you’re looking for convenience and proximity to where most of this trip is conducted, consider arriving at Kalamata Airport (KLX). Its closer location minimizes travel time, allowing you to immerse yourself in the beauty of the region and begin your adventure with ease.

Tailor this Trip

Embrace the thrill of personalized travel experiences with us! We appreciate that each adventurer is unique, that’s why we offer a suite of customizable features to curate your dream journey. Whether you need additional accommodation before or after your expedition, extra transport facilities, or wish to extend the joy of exploration a little longer, we’ve got you covered. Reach out to us, share your aspirations, and let’s make your travel dreams come alive!

Rates & Dates

Gather your favorite travel companions to share an Explore Greece adventure on an easy-to-book Private departure.

Private group departures are available every day on request from April to June and from September to October. Make Your own Dates in these months.


Guided Trip Rates

€ 1.500 per person (for group size 4 – 6 participants)

€ 1.200 per person (for group size 7 – 10 participants)

€ 1.200 per person (for group size 11 – 14 participants)


Self-Guided Trip Rates

€ 1.100 per person (for group size 2 – 4 participants)

€ 900 per person (for group size 4 – 8 participants)


The cost of a trip is based on double room occupancy for the prespecified hotel category. (Please see the cost inclusions list). If you would like a single occupancy or a hotel upgrade, please get in touch with us for a quotation.

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